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Golgotha Prayer

April 9, 2020

Dear Jesus, there you hang flattened out against the timbers – son of Mary, Son of God – bleeding profusely, crying out in agony, suffering excruciating pain  (ex crux – from the cross).

Christ, you are innocent, the one person without sin dying as a common criminal between two thieves.

Why has this happened to you? Who has required this death? Pilate? 

Shall we blame the Jews as Hitler did? The high priest was corrupt and incited the demand for your death, but the great majority of Jews were innocent of your death.

Shall we blame the Romans? They would not tolerate civil disturbance, but Pilate tried to free you. He washed his hands of the entire matter.

Is this death a ransom, a bargain struck between the devil and God? Did they, like kids trading baseball cards make a deal, one Jesus for the rest of humanity?

Or did God in His justice require your death? Is that what God is like, demanding His pound of flesh?

Jesus, I know that we who follow you required this. We are there with the mob shouting “Crucify!”  We required your death because we would never believe how much you love us if you had not loved us to death.

In my mind’s eye, I come again to the place called the skull. Please forgive me, Jesus Please, dear Lord and Savior, forgive my sins.


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