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On A Snowy Wednesday

February 12, 2014

Children slept with pajamas
Inside out and backwards
Dreamt of snowmen and igloos
Enjoyed pancakes and hot chocolate

Meteorologists devoid of windows
Got it right this time
Snow becomes instant urban renewal
A southern winter wonderland


Schools are closed
Businesses are closed
My office is closed
Roads are closed

Children scream in delight
Sleds and snow angels
Snowmen and snow forts
Half-formed igloos

I, by the hearth
Hot coffee
Reading and writing
Stream of consciousness verse.

This Wednesday, a Sabbath
A day of grace, a day of blessing
Here by the fire
My soul is restored.

Outside linemen restore power
Law enforcement restores order
Shelters, soup kitchens restore dignity
Paramedics restore life.

Here by the fireplace
On a snowy Sabbath
I pray
For those outside

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